´╗┐Uber back on wheels to acquire DMV permit for Self-driving in California The automobile industry has reached a tremendous height and it has adapted to the changing trends. At present, we can see that the auto making companies are involved in the autonomous cars. They are a few cars available at present which will function on a flight mode. Technology has enormously increased over the years and at present; the ride-hailing companies are planning to bring in the self-driving into their respective businesses. Uber is considered to be the behemoth of the ride-hailing industry; we can say that sky is the limit for them to provide the best service to the people. Zuket In the recent times, the company has been making efforts to introduce the self-driving cars for ride-hailing. Unfortunately, it so happened that the regulators were not accepting the new approach and wanted to curb the testing of these vehicles. Self-driving testing from Uber was dismissed of in last December by the regulators in California. It is an evident fact that the company was sidelining the fact of acquiring the permit to test the self-driven cars on the streets of California. Recently, the officials of the company stated that they will be abiding by the rules and regulations which have been set by the regulators at California. They are willing to acquire a permit from the regulators to legally test the self-driven cars on the streets of the California. It is said that the complete the process of completing the application to apply for the permit from DMV to test the cars. In the past, the company was testing its autonomous cars on the roads along with the public walking down the roads. We are all aware of the fact that the company has been scrutinized under different kinds of speculations in the recent times. The beginning of 2017 has not been a good one for the company, it is completely going through a rough patch. There are many different kinds of alleged allegations made against the company. It started with the alleged speculation made by one of the former employees of the organization. It is said that there are sexual harassment and sexism against the employees in the venture. After that particular allegation, it is said that two of the senior engineers quit their positions from the company. There was a video available as well where the CEO Travis Kalanick was having an argument with one of its own drivers. The company is at present in the business of self-driving and it said that it was trying to access the technology which has been used by Waymo and a lawsuit has been filed against the company at present. Over the years the company has seen different kinds of pitfalls and we can say that it did manage through all the hardships and now it has a fame of being one of the best services providers on the basis of ride-hailing. It is an undeniable fact that the company has provided wonderful rides to its users at affordable prices. In simple words, it helped the public and cab drivers get connected through its online application platform. There was a huge downfall for the company in the year 2016 with its revenue, there was a huge loss for the company, it was said to be around 2 billion dollars throughout the four quarters. It was something which the firm was not expecting to be happening. The main zoplay reason behind this is that the company had to leave the world’s largest country China within two years since it started its business in that country. It is high time now that the company started to change the ways in which the business is being run at present. There are too many hardships which are coming on its way and the company is really struggling through it. The initiative of working with the city regulators to get a permit to test drive the self- driven cars on the streets of San Francisco comes after almost 2 months after the DMV forced the company to stop the testing of the autonomous cars. In a recent video which was released by Kalanick stated that he wants to change the ways in which he has been running the company so far and he is in search of a COO and preferably a female. It is evident that this shows that he is making efforts to mend ways and get things done in a better way. The company is moving and is trying to provide a service of a futuristic version of the cars. The company has yet to submit the self-driving testing program officially for application purposes. It is said that the DMV is personally helping the company with the application for the permit to test the autonomous cars back on the streets of San Francisco which is the home base for Uber. Meanwhile, it is said that a few cars have been sent to Arizona to map the city and test the vehicles as well. Uber introduced the self-driving cars in January for testing in San Francisco last year without acquiring a permit of 150 dollars from the regulators of the DMV. On a later note, the testing was forcibly revoked back by the company after a lot of speculations for driving the cars illegally without a proper permit by the company. Arizona, on the other hand, had different regulations and the Uber self-driven Volvos were received with a warm welcome. The company did not budge at the beginning when the regulators asked the company to take a step back from the testing of the vehicles. They stated that there was no requirement of the permit as there were drivers behind the wheels to take over if anything goes wrong with the sensors in the vehicle. That means that there was a person having a close watch on how the complete autonomous system is working and if at all the car seems to go out of control there is a driver to take control over it. There were discussions between the company officials and the state regulators in the case of acquiring a permit for about a week since the regulators requested to have a permit before they continue their pilot program on the self-driving. Unfortunately, all the registrations of the autonomous cars were revoked and the vehicles went off the roads of San Francisco. Recently, it is said that the cars which were sent to Arizona for testing, is now picking up riders as well. It is, in fact, a tremendous growth even after being curbed at its own home base. Now, the company has finally decided to come to terms with the regulators and have accepted to fill in the application for the permit. Once the permit is sanctioned, we can say that the self-driven cars will be put back to work and will be tested. It is true that the company has been going through a lot of struggles since the year started. People always say a new year would bring in all kinds of new possibilities, but for Uber, it didn’t happen so. But, now we can say that finally, the good days are going to get back for the company. The moment the permit gets sanctioned, we will get to see the cars tested on the streets of San Francisco. Fingers crossed!!!